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About Us

At Jamil Quran Academy, our experienced and certified teachers bring decades of expertise to students of all ages. With a deep understanding of Islamic studies, we aim to educate students globally.

Quran Lessons from £4 per hour

Our lessons adhere to the rules of Tajweed and Qirat, ensuring an informed and enriching learning experience. Choose from a variety of lessons and payment plans tailored to your preferences for the ideal class.

Home Classes

We provide face to face home tuition all across the UK, for all students of any age or gender, at the ease of your own home. By providing trusted and experienced male and female teachers who are fully certified in Tajweed and Qirat. Children are also taught Namaz, Kalimah's, Dua's etc.

Online Classes

If you do not live near our centres, don't worry as Jamil Quran Academy also provides you with online classes via a simple video call!  To begin the online Quran Learning program - which has dramatically improved the recitation of thousands of students all around the world, all you need to do is simply arrange a computer, laptop, iPad or any other device with an internet connection.

Male & Female Teachers

Jamil Quran Academy offers various professional trained male and female teachers who are available for both home and online classes. This option is perfect for those who prefer and feel comfortable with reading with their own gender!

How We Stand Out

Jamil Quran Academy has a handful of features that makes us stand out from other Quran academies.

One-To-One Classes

Jamil Quran Academy strives to provide more knowledge and a better service for all of our students. This is why we always teach just one student per class to ensure time is used efficiently.


Flexible Timings

Moreover, Jamil Quran Academy provides a 24/7 service, so you can choose the best and most suitable time for you! This is to make sure that you can take your classes, at a time and day that suits you, so you do not miss out on any of your learning.


In addition, Jamil Quran Academy offer teachers who are specially skilled in speaking multiple languages. Some of these languages include English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, and Mirpuri and lots more according to your demand!



Get Your One Week Free Trial

Jamil Quran Academy offers an on-obligation one week free trial system for newcomers allowing you to get familiar with how we teach. If you are satisfied with our tutors and teaching style, you can choose to join us. 

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